Penitenziagite - Humanity Galore

Humanity Galore
Humanity Galore is the debut album from Slovenian death metal band Penitenziagite. Despite the fact that this is their first full length, Penitenziagite are not newcomers on the scene. The band was formed in 2004 and since then they have been refining and developing their style - not only in rehearsal room, but also in clubs and festivals. Their live shows became something every death metal fan.. Read more >

Noctiferia - Slovenska morbida

Slovenska morbida
Originally released in 2006, Slovenska morbida is the 3rd and most experimental Noctiferia album. At that time Noctiferia progressed into industrial metal, full of different cultural influences including Slovenian national instruments and female vocals. The album was mixed at Sweden’s The Abyss studio by Peter Tägtgren, which added massive sound to Noctiferia’s creation. This.. Read more >

Dickless Tracy - Paroxysm Of Disgust

Paroxysm Of Disgust
Paroxysm Of Disgust is the fourth album from BreĹžice death metal band Dickless Tracy. This album logically builds on a dark path along which started to walk his predecessor, Halls Of Sickness from 2009. Raw, dark and morbid death metal album consisting 11 songs (one of them is cover of the cult American band Impetigo) represents the current mental state of the band. Current line-up, which is.. Read more >

Noctiferia - Per Aspera

Per Aspera
In 2002 it was time for second Noctiferia album that they entitled Per Aspera. This effort presented Noctiferia as mature death / black metal act and gained them worldwide attention. Per Aspera was critically well acclaimed and touring over Europe with bands like Marduk, Kataklysm, Immolation, Aborted and Malevolent Creation followed. Noctiferia achieved something almost impossible with the video.. Read more >

Metalsteel - This Is Your Revelation

This Is Your Revelation
This Is Your Revelation is the fifth album from Slovenian heavy metal band Metalsteel. It pushes further the boundaries of the band and opens new chapter in their musical opus. All members of the band have recorded the album simultaneously, resulting in an organic sound that is consistently embedded into modern production. Metalsteel are combining raw aggression with melodic arrangements. This.. Read more >

Sarcasm - Thrash

Formed in 1987, the veterans of Slovenian metal scene Sarcasm are back with their sixth studio album entitled “Thrash”. “Thrash” is bringing you sharp and shredding guitar parts, combined with ripping solos that furiously drive their music. Rhythm section made this album very catchy, and so does angry, yet melodic vocals, just made for singing, or better shouting along... Read more >

Paragoria - Decomposition Of Mind

Decomposition Of Mind
Quartet, today known as Paragoria, was years ago named The Scourge. In 2009 they released demo titled From The Ashes and played gigs and festivals over Slovenia. In 2011 they got themselves new drummer and new name, so Paragoria was born. Paragoria spent their first year of existence writing material for debut album and building up their own recording studio where they recorded 10 tracks that.. Read more >
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