Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of online store On Parole are valid on the basis of the Consumer Protection Act (ZVOpot-UPB2, Ur. list št. 98/2004), based on the recommendations of GZS and international e-business codex.

Company On Parole Productions Prnaver in Gregorc d.n.o. (hereon referred to as provider) is in control of online store On Parole (hereon referred to as store). Upon registration at our online store visitor acquires a username and a password. Username and password unambiguously define the user and connect him/her to the entered data. After registration the visitor becomes a user and gets the right to purchase.

Availability of information (legislation abstract)

Provider is obliged always to provide the buyer the following information:

- company identity (name and address of the company, registration number) 

- contact information, that allows quick and affective communication with the provider (e-mail, phone) 

- crucial characteristic of goods and services 

- availability of goods (goods or services offered online need to have accessibility in reasonable delivery date) 

- conditions about delivery or order of item (method, place and delivery date) 

- prices must be clearly and unambiguously written, it must be visible whether they already include taxes and delivery expenses 

- method of payment and delivery 

- time of validity 

- time limit in which one has the right of withdrawal and conditions to withdraw; also if and how much is the cost for the buyer to return the item 

- explanation complaint proceeding, including all information about contact person or PR service.


All prices in online store On Parole are listed in EUR or other chosen currency and already include VAT (value added tax), but do not include delivery costs and costs resulting in delivery and payment service (commission for postal order, etc.). Prices are valid upon conclusion. Offer is valid under these conditions until stock is exhausted. Prices in other currencies than EUR are for informational purposes only.

Delivery date

Provider will do its best to deliver the items in listed delivery dates. Upon confirming the order the buyer will receive the confirmation with listed ordered items and common price. In case the ordered items are not on stock, the provider will provide them as soon as possible, which should not take more than 2 – 3 weeks. In case ordered items can not be delivered on time, the provider will inform the buyer. Provider reserves the right to reject the order that can not be realized under these conditions.

Conditions of payment

The following payment methods are available:

- cash on delivery – upon delivery pay for ordered items to the mailman, at which time you also pay the post for postal order payment. Cash on delivery payment is available only for buyers from Slovenia

- money order to the account of On Parole Productions d.n.o. When placing order you get all needed information for money order, the items will be sent as soon as the payment is received and all ordered items supplied

- Pay Pal payment

If the buyer wishes to pay some other way, he/she must contact the provider and decide on different means of payment if one is acceptable for the provider.

Method and expenses of delivery

Provider offers the following ways of delivery:

- through Post of Slovenia – non registered delivery (only available for some countries) 

- through Post of Slovenia – registered delivery 

- through e-mail (only for e-tickets)

Delivery costs are a subject to the weight of entire package as following. Before order confirmation the buyer gets a delivery price for his/hers order.

No matter which payment the buyer chooses the items will be shipped as soon as possible in suitable packaging which protects the goods from transport influences. For any possible damage or loss of items due to delivery company the provider does not take responsibility. The buyer can nevertheless contact provider when delivery problems occur. Provider will try to solve the problem to the best of its ability.

The right of cancelation and returning the goods

The buyer has the right to return the goods without any compensation, but he/she is obligated to pay the costs of returning the purchased items. The provider must be informed about the intended return of the goods within 7 days of their claim and return the goods unharmed and in the original packaging within the next 7 days.


Provider will handle the complaints according to the Consumer Protection Act. Upon complaint the buyer will be appointed a contact person with whom he/she can communicate via phone or e-mail. Provider will keep the buyer informed about the complaint resolution. Provider will do its best to solve the conflict as per agreement.

Usage and data protection

Data, sent by the buyer for purposes of doing business with the provider, will be used by provider exclusively for communication with the buyer and shipment of commercials in case the buyer preliminary enlists to the mailing list. User data will in no case, partly or completely be communicated to unauthorized persons.