GLISTA - Death Machinery - DIGI CD GLISTA Death Machinery
Death Machinery is the debut album of the Slovenian grindcore group Glista. On it, the broad genre preferences of memb.. Read more >>
ERUPTION - Cloaks Of Oblivion - 2LP ERUPTION Cloaks Of Oblivion
Cloaks Of Oblivion is the third album from Slovenian thrashers Eruption. This time they decided to move away a little .. Read more >>
METALSTEEL - Beyond The Stars - LP METALSTEEL Beyond The Stars
Metalsteel titled their sixth studio album Beyond The Stars. It retained its characteristic heavy metal with progressi.. Read more >>
ATER ERA - Clades - 2LP ATER ERA Clades
"Clades", the third and until now the most ambitious album by Ater Era, developes the band's sound towards a heavier, .. Read more >>
OMEGA SUN - Opium For The Masses - LP OMEGA SUN Opium For The Masses
Omega Sun titled their studio debut Opium For The Masses. The genre of the album is moving between stoner rock and hea.. Read more >>
SRD - Smrti sel - LP SRD Smrti sel
The tendency of the abyss is that it from time to time vomits the manure that spreads misanthropy and melancholy of un.. Read more >>
MAYHEM - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas - BOX 5LP MAYHEM De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Important pre-order info. This is a one-time only pressing so will only manufacture what has been pre-sold. All your p.. Read more >>