MARDUK - Frontschwein

MARDUK - Frontschwein - CD


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Genre(s): Black Metal
Label: Century Media
Release date: 19.01.2015
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1990 formed Swedish act MARDUK underlines this fact vehemently with its 13th full-length album, “Frontschwein”, not only delivering the renowned and revered musical and lyrical onslaught but also heading back to the WW2-theme known from 1999’s classic “Panzer Division Marduk”.

“Frontschwein” (a literal translation would be “front pig”) is a colloquial term among soldiers since World War I sarcastically describing the front soldier and his status as mere cannon fodder, condemned to crawl through trenches and die amidst a sea of mud, blood and piss.

“Frontschwein” explores the killing fields of WW2.. At the end of the record, war drums are beating, while the wheels of death grind ever on, spewing forth »Thousand-Fold Death«.
This soundtrack consists of a relentless yet diverse barrage of high-speed-drumming, raw and aggressive riffs and vocalist Mortuus’ hateful roars and screams.
Its finale however, is easily one of the fastest moments in their entire career, topped off by an unbelievable vocal performance.

On “Frontschwein”, 25 years of black metal history collide with eons of devastation and destruction amongst human beings. The result is an ugly, furious album true to MARDUK’s sinister legacy and true to the essence of black metal. Welcome to the front. There is no salvation.


1. Frontschwein
2. The Blond Beast
3. Afrika
4. Wartheland
5. Rope Of Regret
6. Between The Wolf-Packs
7. Nebelwerfer
8. Falaise: Cauldron Of Blood
9. Doomsday Elite
10. 503
11. Thousand-Fold Death