Morost - Forged Entropy

Forged Entropy
After six years of fermenting inside the creative minds of Morost, long anticipated album Forged Entropy is about to be delivered. Sophisticated metal compositions from this Slovenian band will bring you the unexpected experience, from raw black metal through swamp groove psychedelia, to slow death metal and blast beats, just to spice it all up for a moment. This distressed form of metal promises.. Read more >

Slavocracy - Slavocracy

Slavocracy is a death metal project hailing from Slovenia/Italy dating back to the heyday of alternative music in the region. Formed by members of local bands Entreat and Evenrain, it droned in the background, honing its blades. It delivered. Their self-titled full length is a mature, pounding commentary on humanity’s basest conditions and the ever-recurring futility of existence. Join the.. Read more >

Srd - Ognja prerok

Ognja prerok
Since the release of the debut album »Smrti sel« in 2017, Srd have attained a reputation of being one of the fiercest Slovenian acts to date, delivering a bane substance of rock'n'roll and black metal. This death scented year now spews forth a worthy and highly anticipated successor »Ognja Prerok«, light years ahead of his brother, matured in writing, gospel and.. Read more >

Chains - Sonic Sabbath

Sonic Sabbath
Within astral nightysky of weedian utopia; Chains ride on the wings of deathless King. Sonic summonings of six hymns to darkness over the horizons of inverted crosses. Slovenian monks of sabbathical rituals invoke witch's voice upon mankind. Celebrating the hypnotic doom waves of madness Chains storming forth with new full-lenght of doom metal sound from the bottomless pits of hell. Read more >

Glista - Death Machinery

Death Machinery
Death Machinery is the debut album of the Slovenian grindcore group Glista. On it, the broad genre preferences of members, which include both punk and metal, blend into one. The album is dominated by old-school death sound, with occasional additions of crust, thrash and various other influences. Dynamic tempo and rhythm changes tie it all together into a neat grind package. Read more >

Ater Era - Clades

"Clades", the third and until now the most ambitious album by Ater Era, developes the band's sound towards a heavier, more organic and atmospheric dimension. In addition to its primal black metal roots, it now incorporates also doom, sludge and hardcore elements. Shifting from raw, direct and aggressive to more experimental and melancholic arrangements, this album echoes an intense and.. Read more >

Srd - Smrti sel

Smrti sel
The tendency of the abyss is that it from time to time vomits the manure that spreads misanthropy and melancholy of unknown dimension. It provides a trigger to each misanthrope to cross virtual borders of society and finally digs the knife in the back of his brother man. It is so from Kain on. Srd, the quintet of troubadours of darkness, is on the mission to serve their black 'n' roll no less.. Read more >
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