Omega Sun - Opium For The Masses

Opium For The Masses
Omega Sun titled their studio debut Opium For The Masses. The genre of the album is moving between stoner rock and heavy doom through all six protracted songs. Lyrics deal with drugs, religion and human relations. The title of the album is a methaphor for everything that brainwashes modern society. The band recorded the album in Ostudio 6 in Nova Gorica, with Cigo working as producer. They made.. Read more >

Metalsteel - Beyond The Stars

Beyond The Stars
Metalsteel titled their sixth studio album Beyond The Stars. It retained its characteristic heavy metal with progressive elements, spiced with some power metal bits. This album was recorded by all the members simultaneously, which contributes to the organic sound and "live" feeling of the album. Beyond The Stars is a conceptual album that tackles the idea of ​​coming foreign civilization to.. Read more >

Eruption - Cloaks Of Oblivion

Cloaks Of Oblivion
Cloaks Of Oblivion is the third album from Slovenian thrashers Eruption. This time they decided to move away a little from their traditional Bay Are inspired sound to more US power / heavy metal in the vein of Sanctuary, Helstar or Vicious Rumors, while maintaining their usual thrash metal approach, which should be appreciated by fans of Vio-Lence, Death Angel and Forbidden. Cloaks Of Oblivion is.. Read more >

Agathocles / Extreme Smoke 57 - Split

We are presenting you split 7" release from two cult grindcore bands: Belgian Agathocles and Slovenian Extreme Smoke 57. Agathocles are, under the firm leadership of Jan Frederickx, active for three decades. Jan defined their music as "mincecore", which is "the same as old school grindcore, the way it was in the 80's: raw, minimalistic and socially and politically involved". Agathocles.. Read more >

Brutart - Wear My Skin

Wear My Skin
Taking what's darkest in doom and death metal with a hint of post-rock, but mangling them into one with a naivety of child. Eleven tracks of Wear my Skin, challenges the listener to journey through phases of anguish, despair and unadulterated rage. Brutart does not reject sophistication, but more often a direct, in-your-face, approach is taken. DIY crafted with sweat and beers. Read more >

Tomcat - Something's Coming On Wrong

Something's Coming On Wrong
Tomcat approached to the recording of Something's Coming On The Wrong in the manner of the 21st century - in the improvised studios and with the help of friends. A lot of help to them was producer Alex Volasko who worked on serious project in harder music for the first time. Album Something's Coming On Wrong is exactly what the title suggests - something is wrong. This “wrong” is not.. Read more >

Hellcrawler - Sandstorm Chronicles

Sandstorm Chronicles
Hellcrawler continue their perilous path in the post-apocalyptic world which they started in 2011 with the debut »Wastelands« and confirmed it two years later with »The End Of Humanity« released on 12'' vinyl in collaboration with the Australian band Wölfe. After some personal problems and line-up changes the band finally re-entered the Thunderdome Studios to record.. Read more >
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