Chaosstar - Lifetime

It took Chaosstar a lot of time and effort to record their debut - from driving songs into perfection to building up their own studio. Lifetime, recorded and mixed by Chaosstar drummer Primo┼ż Jelševar and mixed by Dave Collins, delivers heavy progressive metal which fans of this genre will enjoy until the very last minute. Read more >

Brutart - Mimic

Brutart represent themselves with 11 tracks of their unique metal on their debut album titled Mimic. You can call their mixture of styles sludge, death metal, doom metal or just anything. Why should they or anyone else care? Mimic is for those who search originality and musical nonconformity. Read more >

Vulvathrone - Bukkake

Bukkake, Vulvathrone's debut album, is the continuation of what those perverts showed on Proto-Bukkake demo. Bukkake includes 12 tracks of pure porno death grinding from this grind and underground devoted band. Music or porn? Now you can both at the same time, thanks to Vulvathrone. Read more >
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