Condemnatio Cristi - Soundtracks

Condemnatio Cristi is extreme metal band, bringing unique freshness to the scene with mixture of movie sountrack and black/death metal. The band was formed in 2009 and released debut album Incests two years later. In 2013 they are bringing us album Sountracks, filled with orchestrations and heavy death metal passages. The album was recorded in three different studios, where the band worked with.. Read more >

Sarcasm - Crematory

Let’s return 25 years back, to former Yugoslavia. Life wasn’t so bad there at the time, but it was definitely not the place to start a metal band. Closed market, economic and sometimes political obstacles always held Yugoslavian metal scene a few years behind the European one. Bands and their products of that time were not able to compete with foreign ones, but there were some.. Read more >

Sarcasm - Igra narave / Divja kri

Igra narave / Divja kri
Nonexistence of Sarcasm did not last longer than until 1997. It also did not take long before the band started playing live again. Unlike many of the re- united bands, Sarcasm didn’t gave up again after a few shows played. Sarcasm began working on new material. Seven new songs were released in 2002, on a CD release titled Igra narave (Twisted Game Of Nature). Two years later followed next.. Read more >

Black Diamond - Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing
The beginning of Black Diamond goes back to 2005. At that time Igor Manasijevič and Nejc Vidmar started playing together with only one goal: creating high profile heavy metal music with some freshness of their own added. New found collaboration was searching for musicians to complete the line up. Some musicians from local scene joined the ranks, but they all left because they can’t cope.. Read more >

Tomcat - Bits N Pieces

Bits N Pieces
Tomcat from Ljubljana are one of the newest & hottest Slovenian hard ’n’ heavy bands. The band was formed by ex-members of Glenn Moore, Strock and Cyclöne in Autumn 2010. The beginning of their story was quite typical - playing some local shows and suffering many line up changes. Through all this turmoil, Tomcat still managed to write material for their debut album. When it.. Read more >

Gonoba - Endless Cycles

Endless Cycles
Five guys that love metal and camels are back! They have brought us their second full length, entitled Endless Cycles. Gonoba stayed loyal to their thrash / death metal mixture, but this time they made it even more convincing and also much more technical. Gonoba proved themselves a few years ago with their debut album Chains Of Ignorance. It was supported by quite frequent live shows that gained.. Read more >

Kreation Kodex - Puzzles Of Flesh

Puzzles Of Flesh
Puzzles Of Flesh is the debut album from Slovenian extreme metal outfit Kreation Kodex. On Puzzles Of Flesh, Kreation Kodex have developed mixture of death and black metal, expanded with thrash and gothic elements, strong atmosphere and different male and female vocals. Dive into the kreation khaos! Read more >
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