Obnounce - Remnants Of Humanity

Remnants Of Humanity
If you're looking for quality melodic death/black metal, then don't go any further. On their long awaited debut album, Obnounce represented themselves with 8 tracks that show the band's capabitlity of songwriting and represent their work from the formation in 1998 to 2005. Remnants Of Humanity was recorded in band's own studio. Read more >

Sarcasm - Divja kri

Divja kri
Sarcasm got themselved really busy! Their first effort after reunion was Igra narave, released in 2002. Not more than a year later they got next album ready. They not only wrote 10 tracks for this album, they also recorded and mixed them all by themselves. Trivia about this album? Actually there is one. It includes track Igra narave (same as they titled their previous effort), but not the.. Read more >

Obidil - The Magic Word

The Magic Word
Which word is the magic one? Obidil. The band started working on their debut with working title The Parallel World, which later became The Magic Word. It brings nine tracks of melodic heavy metal with female voice and upgraded with classical and progressive elements. The recording of this album took place at Castleroad studio in Bled in 2002. Read more >

Sarcasm - Igra narave

Igra narave
In 2001/02 reformed Sarcasm wrote some new material. The first idea was to record an EP, but at the end of recording sessions they came back from studio with 7 brand new tracks recorded. Those tracks were released as Igra narave, which also includes Sarcasm debut Crematory (orginally released in 1989) and two previously unreleased tracks, recorded somewhere around 1992. Read more >
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