Noctiferia is Slovenian metal band that probably doesn't need introduction. Well, at lest in their home country. Their first album Baptism At Savica Fall broke new ground of Slovenian extreme metal back in 1998. They came from badly developed scene, but they have managed overcome the small market and stepped alongside European metal scene. Members of Noctiferia, very young at that time and led by Igor Nardin and Uroš Lipovec, created black / pagan album that brought them place in european underground and became a cult in their homecountry.

The doors for Noctiferia opened, and they enetered bravely. They continued to develop their music. After a few changes in line-up and style, they get rid of folk elements and headed toward black / death metal. The result is undisputed masterpiece Per Aspera. Morbid, dark album with massive and mighty sound definitively left big mark on Slovenian metal scene at the beginning of new millenium. Noctiferia set new standards, creative and productionwise on the still a lit helpless scene. Per Aspera received extremely good reviews in Slovenia and abroad. Video for track Fond Of Lies was #1 on Slovenian national TV for 8 weeks! Tours outside their homecountry followed. Noctiferia shared stages with the ones like Malevolent Creation and Aborted.

Once again it was time for changes. They have met Peter Tägtgren on Metalcamp 2004 and he did mixing and mastering for next Noctiferia album, titled Slovenska morbida. It was recorded in Slovenia and finished in Abyss Studios in Sweden by Tägtgren himself. Noctiferia explored the field of industrial metal, therefore this the most experimental Noctiferia album to date. The album was supported with tours and gigs with some of the biggest names in metal, including Samael. Friendship with Mass from Samael led to making a preproduction for the next Noctiferia album together. They took the best of both Per Aspera in Slovenska morbida and joined those elements on Death Culture. Death Culture was an important step in their career as it was released on at that time influental label Listenable Records.

 Noctiferia is a band whose creative vision is always directed forward, to progress and evolution. While we are waiting for their next album titled Pax, the band took time to review the past again. At On Parole we are very proud that we can collaborate with Noctiferia on the re-releases of Per Aspera and Slovenska morbida. On November 3rd, a fraction of our and also your metal history will be released in a new guise.

Per Aspera re-release contains 3 demo tracks that were recorded in 2000, with the original singer of the band. These songs were later reworked and released on Per Apera. Slovenska morbida re-release includes 3 remixes of tracks from the album.