MOROST - Forged Entropy

MOROST - Forged Entropy - MC


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Genre(s): Death Metal, Black Metal
Label: On Parole
Release date: 14.05.2021
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After six years of fermenting inside the creative minds of Morost, long anticipated album Forged Entropy is about to be delivered. Sophisticated metal compositions from this Slovenian band will bring you the unexpected experience, from raw black metal through swamp groove psychedelia, to slow death metal and blast beats, just to spice it all up for a moment. This distressed form of metal promises something memorable and dynamic for you, yet an unbearable and inconceivable experience for them.


SIDE A 1. Afterthoughts
2. Beg
3. Protector Of Sanity
4. Artificial Time
SIDE B 1. Solace In Solitude
2. The Conundrum
3. The Joy Of Pandemonial Ruination
4. Fat Shepherds