MEGADETH - Dystopia

MEGADETH - Dystopia - CD


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Genre(s): Heavy / Speed / Power Metal, Thrash / Groove Metal
Release date: 29.01.2016
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Fifteenth Megadeth album Dystopia is a clear indication that Dave Mustaine is far grom giving in. After the turmoil in the band, caused by the departure of Broderick and Drover, there were a lot of doubts in the air about this album. Mustain and Ellefson announced departure from the radio-friendly sound, which is considered by many as the ruiner of previous album. After the first singles Megadeth proved that they are serious. Fans and critics enthusiastically welcomed Megadeth's return to a more aggressive waters. Dystopia is undoubtedly an album that brings refreshment in Megadeth opus and the one that brings Megadeth back in the first metal league!