AVANTASIA - Ghostlights

AVANTASIA - Ghostlights - 2LP


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Genre(s): Progressive Metal / Rock, Rock / Hardrock
Label: Nuclear Blast
Release date: 29.01.2016
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AVANTASIA - Ghostlights - 2LP

New Avantasia album titled Ghostlights will be released on January 29th. This time Tobias summed some bombastic singers to play their part on the album. Names confirmed are Michael Kiske, Jorn Lande, Geoff Tate, Dee Snider and Bob Catley. Tobias Sammet is an excellent musician, composer and songwriter. He is presenting us one more fantastic metal opera with Ghostlights.

“The overall concept is about a cycle of megalomaniac scientists, led by a misanthropic occultist, who wants to manipulate the individual sense of time and to bring into line the society; mainly to build bridges, but truly to get ultimate control,“ Tobias Sammet explains the concept behind »Ghostlights«. “The protagonist, a young agnostic scientist, gets between the fronts. His moral values are on one side, his scientifical appointment and his pursuit for development and progress on the other side. During the story, he’s more and more confronted with different aspects of spirituality, with the speedup of time and with questions for the sense of life,“ the songwriter, who is responsible for all lyrics and compositions alone, tells and underlines, that he didn’t want to copy the storyline of a fairytale on this album. “ I wanted to draw a picture for the listener with every lyric, to give every song an individual meaning but still to design the lyrics in that way that they build the base of a fantastic story. The concept is more or less about ordinary questions, me and some other people for sure care about.“

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