MEDUZALEM - La Terza Gamba

MEDUZALEM - La Terza Gamba - DIGI CD


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Zvrst(i): Progressive Metal / Rock
Založba: On Parole
Datum izida: 28.01.2022
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The new mutation of the MeduzaleM organism has produced a monster music that was captured in a studio in a year before the great new plague. After a long period (since 2005) in the underground with loads of conquered venues and DIY recordings, MeduzaleM is now aiming at the international Metal scene. There is no cage that will contain the perversion of “La Terza Gamba” (The Third Leg in Italian), which contains high doses of erotica, horror, ghost tales in a reinvented metal package. 





1. Welcome
2. DogLover
3. Erotomaniac
4. Long Nose
5. Midget
6. Ringu