IGORRR - Spirituality And Distortion

IGORRR - Spirituality And Distortion - 2LP


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Zvrst(i): Progressive Metal / Rock, Ambiental / Experimental
Založba: Metal Blade
Datum izida: 27.03.2020
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IGORRR - Spirituality And Distortion - 2LP

With 2017's "Savage Sinusoid", Igorrr more than proved to be a truly unique musical force - and 2020's "Spirituality And Distortion" cements that well-earned reputation. Slamming together disparate musical styles ranging from death and black metal to breakcore, Balkan, baroque and classical music in a manner that is as unconventional and unpredictable as it is thrilling, Igorrr are unlike any other act, and "Spirituality And Distortion" displays just as broad a range of emotions as sounds. "Getting stuck in only one emotion is very boring to me; life is a wide range of emotions - sometimes you're happy, sometimes you're sad, angry, pissed off, nostalgic or blown away," states mastermind Gautier Serre. "Life is not only one color. These 14 tracks are a journey through different states of mind I've been through."



SIDE A 1. Downgrade Desert
2. Nervous Waltz
3. Very Noise
4. Hollow Tree
5. Camel Dancefloor
SIDE B 1. Parpaing
2. Musette Maximum
3. Himalaya Massive Ritual
SIDE C 1. Lost in Introspection
2. Overweight Poesy
3. Paranoid Bulldozer Italiano
SIDE D 1. Barocco Satani
2. Polyphonic Rust
3. Kung-Fu Chèvre