WITH THE DEAD - With The Dead

WITH THE DEAD - With The Dead - LP


21.99 €
Genre(s): Doom / Stoner / Psychedelic
Label: Rise Above
Release date: 16.10.2015
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Rise Above Records is British independent record label whom from their start in 1988 is giving home to realy bad ass heavy and underground bands. In their flock we find names such as Ghost, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Lucifer, Blood Ceremony, Witchcraft ... and Electric Wizard. Owner and chief of label is Lee Dorian itself - vocals on first Napalm Death album and vocalist and co-founder of doom giants Cathedral. Now, let's include With The Death in this story ... They are some kind of supergroup (although we do not like this term) in which joined forces former rhythm section of Electric Wizard (guitarist / bassist Tim Bagshaw and drummer Mark Greening) and Lee Dorian. Many implies the fact that the band was officially formed on All Hallow's Eve in 2014, but if you add their rich musical legacy,  we know what we can look forward: Lee's sinister vocals, groovy songs despite all heaviness, heavy and sticky guitars and totally bad ass drum parts. New hope for doom!