SRD - Ognja prerok

SRD - Ognja prerok - DIGI CD


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Genre(s): Black Metal
Label: On Parole
Release date: 04.12.2020
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Since the release of the debut album »Smrti sel« in 2017, Srd have attained a reputation of being one of the fiercest Slovenian acts to date, delivering a bane substance of rock'n'roll and black metal. This death scented year now spews forth a worthy and highly anticipated successor »Ognja Prerok«, light years ahead of his brother, matured in writing, gospel and production!




1. Sonce
2. Ognja prerok
3. Nod
4. Zev sna
5. Zlohotne zvezde pleme
6. Ihta iht
7. Sreča na vrvici
8. Onkraj

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