SATYRICON - Live At The Opera

SATYRICON - Live At The Opera - DVD+2CD


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Genre(s): Black Metal
Release date: 01.05.2015
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SATYRICON - Live At The Opera - DVD+2CD

Unrestrained pioneers. Avantgardists. K.I.N.G.s – all this and more is the nature of the primal force and the dark beauty that is Satyricon! Front icon Satyr and drummer extraordinaire Frost have broken loose from the shackles of genre restrictions a long time ago and chose to tread their own paths exclusively. On albums such as Volcano, Now, Diabolical or The Age Of – sometimes even on stage – the Norwegians have collaborated with orchestras and choirs again and again. Now Satyr`s most grandiose dream became flesh with Live at the Opera: on September 8, 2013 Satyricon shared the stage with the Norwegian Opera Choir in Oslo – a monumental extravaganza that has been captured on DVD and two Bonus- CDs as a whole!