MY DYING BRIDE - Macabre Cabaret

MY DYING BRIDE - Macabre Cabaret - MLP


15.00 €
Genre(s): Death Metal, Doom / Stoner / Psychedelic
Label: Nuclear Blast
Release date: 20.11.2020
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MY DYING BRIDE - Macabre Cabaret - MLP

The lush »Macabre cabaret« Mini LP
• in Gatefold Cover
• Vinyl in black

No rest for one of Britain’s most melancholic exports: Just half a year after MY DYING BRIDE returned from their break with their haunting and successful (German Album Charts #12) masterpiece »The Ghost Of Orion«, the sons of Halifax raise the curtains to the »Macabre Cabaret«.

The new EP of the band offers three new songs – dark luscious Death Doom ear candies that will dive their victim into a sensual world of darkness and temptation and conceal the borders between sweet pain and destructive illusion.

The EP was produced mixed and mastered by maestro Mark Mynett and crowned with a beautiful and sinister artwork from Bunker Artworks.