MOONSPELL - Wolves Who Were Men, The History Of Moonspell

MOONSPELL - Wolves Who Were Men, The History Of Moonspell - BOX BOOK


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The beautifully crafted box set includes the book "Wolves Who Were Men" in a hardcover version, an exclusive demo CD of the out-of-print "Anno Satanae" plus bonus tracks from MORBID GOD, a large and high-quality flag, 12 x 350gsm art prints, with excellent photos of the band, a double-sided bookmark, a guitar pick with double-sided printing and a certificate of authenticity signed by all band members.

Three years in the making, this epic tome explores three decades of the legendary Portuguese metal band MOONSPELL. Totalling a huge 450 pages and including numerous photos, many previously unseen, the book was created by author Ricardo S. Amorim, a countryman and long-time friend of the band.

It includes extensive interviews with all members of the band – Fernando Ribeiro, Miguel Gaspar, Pedro Paixão, Ricardo Amorim, Aires Pereira – as well as past members of the group and many of the band’s peers, including members of ROTTING CHRIST, CRADLE OF FILTH, SAMAEL, KREATOR, DECAYED, THE GATHERING, AMORPHIS and more.