METALSTEEL - Beyond The Stars

METALSTEEL - Beyond The Stars - LP


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Genre(s): Heavy / Speed / Power Metal
Label: On Parole
Release date: 23.03.2018
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Metalsteel titled their sixth studio album Beyond The Stars. It retained its characteristic heavy metal with progressive elements, spiced with some power metal bits. This album was recorded by all the members simultaneously, which contributes to the organic sound and "live" feeling of the album.

Beyond The Stars is a conceptual album that tackles the idea of ​​coming foreign civilization to Earth in order to raise our awareness and to prepare humanity for a new evolutionary level. Metalsteel rised higher in their musical development and expression with this album too.

Again they proved that they are the leading force of Slovenian heavy metal on which we can definitely count on!


SIDE A 1. Lama Rabi Alardi Dini Endavur Esa Kunis Alim
2. Transhuman
3. Anu
4. The Council Of 9
5. Stargods
6. Beyond The Stars
SIDE B 7. Vrillon
8. Materialist No More
9. Astral Traveller
10. The End Of The World