IRON MAIDEN - The Book Of Souls

IRON MAIDEN - The Book Of Souls - 2CD


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Genre(s): Heavy / Speed / Power Metal
Release date: 04.09.2015
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IRON MAIDEN - The Book Of Souls - 2CD

Iron Maiden, the undisputed kings and flag bearers of heavy metal have served us a new studio album. The Book Of Souls was recorded at the end of 2014 in Paris with Kevin "Caveman" Shirley. The album was dragged to 92 minutes and is the first Iron Maiden double album. The guys already recorded Brave New World in the same studio and they have beautiful memories related to it. Magic was with them also this time. Many tracks were written in the studio and recorded immediately. According to Harris, it gives a special live feeling to the album. They worked on new tracks very intensively. At the end they could not decide which ones to not include on the album. This is the reason that The Book Of Souls is double album. Check out what Iron Maiden has to offer after almost four decades of existence! You will also have the choice to experience them live, because world tour is in preparations.



CD1 1. If Eternity Should Fail
2. Speed Of Light
3. The Great Unknown
4. The Red And The Black
5. When The River Runs Deep
6. The Book Of Souls
CD2 1. Death Or Glory
2. Shadows Of The Valley
3. Tears Of A Clown
4. The Man Of Sorrows
5. Empire Of The Clouds