HELLCRAWLER - Sandstorm Chronicles

HELLCRAWLER - Sandstorm Chronicles - DIGI CD


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Release date: 27.05.2016
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Hellcrawler continue their perilous path in the post-apocalyptic world which they started in 2011 with the debut »Wastelands« and confirmed it two years later with »The End Of Humanity« released on 12'' vinyl in collaboration with the Australian band Wölfe. After some personal problems and line-up changes the band finally re-entered the Thunderdome Studios to record the continuing story about »Hellcrawler« and his journey through hell on earth.  

The new conceptual album entitled »Sandstorm Chronicles« is a tribute to the HM-2 guitar sounding old school swedish death metal, yet it still maintains its own character by incporporating different musical influences into the compositions (heavy, thrash, black, doom, d-beat, punk...).

The record, which is basically a mixture of death metal and punk, has been mastered by the legendary Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, Nightingale…) who put his touch on this 90s sounding album.