GLISTA - Death Machinery

GLISTA - Death Machinery - DIGI CD


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Genre(s): Grindcore
Label: On Parole
Release date: 23.11.2018
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Death Machinery is the debut album of the Slovenian grindcore group Glista. On it, the broad genre preferences of members, which include both punk and metal, blend into one. The album is dominated by old-school death sound, with occasional additions of crust, thrash and various other influences. Dynamic tempo and rhythm changes tie it all together into a neat grind package.


1. Death Machinery
2. Pesticide
3. Suha salama Penetration Front
4. Kosturi se karaju
5. Garje
6. Disko djevojka
7. Ne rabm
8. Farma životinja
9. Strah nam vlada
10. Gut the Prophet
11. Kafana (tribute to Rokeri s Moravu)
12. Iza žice
13. Hidden Track