DESTRUCTION - Born To Thrash (Live In Germany)

DESTRUCTION - Born To Thrash (Live In Germany) - 2LP


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Genre(s): Thrash / Groove Metal
Release date: 17.07.2020
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DESTRUCTION - Born To Thrash (Live In Germany) - 2LP

Last year, DESTRUCTION played a breathtakingly good show at the German PARTYSAN festival. Fortunately, for everyone who wasn't able to attend, the thrash heroes recorded this metal party - and now, that the Covid-19 pandemic has crippled the whole live industry, the time has come to share this memory from a gorgeous show: DESTRUCTION release their live album "Born To Thrash - Live In Germany" as digital version on May, 8th!

But that's not the end of the story: To make this memory a gem for all their loyal fans, the band launched an interactive map where they signed and marked the location of their first live concert with DESTRUCTION ever.

The unique world map created this way will be part of the album. Everyone who participated will be mentioned by his name on a poster that comes with the album's physical version. This version will be released as CD and Vinl on July, 17th - strictly limited and a special collector's item!



Side A 1. Curse The Gods
2. Nailed To The Cross
3. Born To Perish
Side B 1. Mad Butcher
2. Life Without Sense
3. Betrayal
Side C 1. Total Desaster
2. The Butcher Strikes Back
3. Thrash Till Death
4. Bestial Invasion