DEPRIVACIJA - Nematoma Ranka

DEPRIVACIJA - Nematoma Ranka - DIGI CD


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Genre(s): Black Metal, Sludge / Drone
Label: On Parole
Release date: 25.11.2022
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Nematoma ranka" (eng. Invisible Hand) is a sonic painting of the never resting negotiation between existential anxiety and calm, conscious staring into the abyss. Musically blending sludge and post metal, it is an emotionally heavy record, forcing the listener to dissociate to repetitive waves, only to come back rushing to the panic it all started with.


1. Nematoma Ranka
2. Nesibaigiantis Laukimas
3. Adatų Takais
4. Nevaldomas Protrūkis
5. Alsavimas