Welcome Penitenziagite

On Parole family got bigger again! We are proud to announce that slovenian death metal force Penitenziagite will release its debut album at On Parole. The album is titled Humanity Galore and the release date is set for April 17th 2015. More details about the album will follow soon.

The band commented: “Penitenziagite is thrilled to have signed with the label On Parole and now release of our debut album is finally here. In our over 10 year history the band went through thick and thin but releasing an album was never it. Album Humanity Galore therefore consists of material that spans from the old to more recent days. Signing with On Parole gives us a lot of motivation for creating more music so that the destructive force of Penitenziagite death metal will go on!”

Date added: 12.02.2015