Two Noctiferia albums with a new look

We are proud to announce our collaboration with currently the biggest Slovenian metal band Noctiferia. Thier new album Pax, which be released as self-releasead via SAOL organisation, will be supported with re-releases of their classic albums Per Aspera and Slovenska morbida.

At this occasion, the guys from Noctiferia wrote: “This is for all nostalgics and fans of quality extreme music. We are happy to announce re-releases of our two studio albums!”

“Per Aspera and Slovenska morbida will be re-released at the beginning of November through On Parole Productions, a team that we know almost since we started this band.

Both albums are milestones in Noctiferia's career.

Per Aspera is the first Noctiferia album that was released worldwide via American label and brought Noctiferia worldwide attention. It includes single Fond Of Lies. It's promotion made a little media revolution in our homecountry. This re-release contains 3 demo tracks that were recorded in 2000, with the original singer of the band. These songs were later reworked and released on Per Apera. 

Slovenska morbida is our the most experimental album to date and our first album produced outside Slovenia. It was mixed by Peter Tägtgren in his Abyss Studio in Sweden. The re-release will feature 3 remixes of songs from the album that coincides with soundscape of this album.

We are pleased that we can give you a part of our (and probably also yours) history with a new look.

Both re-released will be out on November 3rd as CD in digipack. Apart from bonus tracks, both albums will feature revised and reworked artwork, made by Noctiferia guitarist Igor Nardin.

Date added: 06.10.2014