Metalsteel signed with EAM Agency

Stage is a place where Metalsteel really come to life. In recent years, Metalsteel have been regular guests on stages across Slovenia and quaite a few successful shows in other European countries. After five albums under their belt and almost a decade and a half of band's activity, boys and girl are eager to play more stages in more countries. Search for booking agency which would take care of Metalsteel shows outside Slovenia ended a few days ago as they signed a deal with Agentur EAM.

Metalsteel commented the beginning of the new cooperation: "We opened a new chapter in terms of our ceative expressiveness with album This Is Your Revelation, so we wanted to get the attention of booking agency which would more intensively present us in foreign countries. This came true shortly after the release of the album, when we were contacted by German agency Agentur EAM. We recently signed a deal with them. We hope this cooperation to be successful, as we believe that our new album deserves international attention.”

We believe that the new cooperation is the next important step in Metalsteel career. Agency EAM also represent artists such as Terrana, Impiety or To/Die/For. 

Date added: 16.04.2014