A Brief History of a Band So Utterly Perverse and Impious That The Very Mentioning of Its Name Sends Shudders of Inexpressible Trepidation and Disgust Down the Spine of Any Given Maiden Treading The Blessed Soil of the Minuscule Holy Enclave Known by the Name of Slovenia. 

The abominable idea of creating such a horrid creature was the gruesome emanation of somber broodings spawned in the profound obscurities of Hermanno’s and Temnovid’s blackened hearts, deriving its diabolical strength and vividness from sadomasochistic and scatological imagery of torture, incest and rape rooted deeply in their souls by the feverishly pursued studies of pornography and gore. The diabolical scheme was put into existence when yet another imp, Matko, joined their perverse ranks and thus it came to pass that with a tumultuous roar of dissonant atonality the heinous bastard child aforementioned was born. Temnovid’s fetishistic growls and scurrilous grunts, accompanied with disharmonious, vagina smashing chords of Hermanno’s heinous guitar, and Matko’s anal dilating and ripping battery blasts formed the core of the obscene whirlwind that swept swiftly across the land. Joined later by cacophonic necrophilous stanzas of Davor’s four-stringed fury the blasphemous formation now poisons the sterile morality of young virginal maidens, raping their tight pussies, filling their anuses with pungent sperm and adorning their bonny faces with reeking feces. ;)

Over the years the band changed members, but as a Fourheadbeast played a lot of concerts with Bands like Dying Fetus, Napalm Death, Nile, Incantation, Lividity, Abrasive, Sanatorium etc., and festivals like Metalcamp (now known as Metaldays), Metalfest Austria, Rockmarathon Hungary etc. 

Musically is the band groing and treir music is much more complexer, brutal and more perverted then ever.