It all started in a year 1987 when Aleš Blaznik and Sandi Dolinar started playing music that made even famous Freddy Krüger tremble - raw thrash! They formed Sarcasm. Joined by drummer Matjaž Kacin, guitarist Matjaž Hudobivnik and singer Osim Čehić the first horror-and-bloodbath anti-teen-slasher masterpiece Crematory was made. The title song speaks about incompetent, politicians, ecological problems regarding the nearby uranium mine and nuclear powerplant and calls for a revolt.

Sarcasm made 3000 cassettes in order to attract same record deal and they were soon sold out throughout Yugoslavia. Crematory became a big success resulting a tour in major Yugoslavian cities and the first big gig with famous Motorhead in 1990. The concert in Hala Tivoli was broadcasted by Slovenian national TV. And so began the story of legendary Sarcasm! 

The band played with some big guns, like Motörhead, Slayer, Sepultura, Holy Moses, Desaster, Kreator, and on some big festivals with Destruction, Sodom, Anthrax, Primal Fear, D.R.I., Apocalyptica, Tankard, Malmsteen, Soulfly and so on …

Throughout the years Sarcasm made few lineup changes and finally settled down with Aleš Blaznik and Klemen Renko on guitars, Grega Čadež on vocals, Aleš "Dime" Korošec on drums and Vito Stričevič on bass.