A decade and a half has passed since Metalsteel (at that time as children) began to put into practice their own vision of heavy metal. Today they are leading Slovenian heavy metal band with an enviable studio and stage experiences. Over the years they have created their own musical expression and identity, which is reflected in combining raw aggression with melodic arrangements. The result is a pounding heavy metal with progressive elements, which have so far been manifested on six studio albums, Most perfectly and in sharpest form on the last one "Beyond The Stars".

It is a conceptual album that talks about the arrival of extra-terrestrial civilization on Earth, in order to raise the spiritual awareness of mankind and to take care of the new evolutionary level of mankind. The organic feeling of the album is contributed by the fact that the boys and the girl recorded it all simultaneously, thus conjuring a "live" feeling.

The band regularly collaborates with American singer James Rivera (Helstar, Malice, Seven Witches, Distant Thunder) for touring across European countries. In addition to performing across Europe, Metalsteel is the first Slovenian metal band that performed with the symphonic orchestra at the national event in Cankarjev dom. They have appeared in a commercial for Toyota, which also includes their music. They have written and recorded official anthem of Metaldays 2015.

Metalsteel are raising to unknown galaxies with the new album Beyond The Stars and proving once more that younger generation knows what is genuine and honest metal!